Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How did it get to be Tuesday?

The weather the last few days has been super nice.  In the 60s and 70s.  I don't think it should ever go above 75°.  It is such a mood enhancer, at least for me, when the weather is enjoyable.   I almost think I could do without anti depressants if there was sunshine and good weather all the time!

Sunday I went to a breastfeeding seminar at Sibley Hospital.  I enjoyed learning a few new things, but more than that, I enjoyed being around other women.  And women who are as passionate about breastfeeding as I am.  Women who don't think I am a fanatic.  Maybe they are fanatics too.  Who cares.

Being among other "grown up" women though- I mean women in their 50s and above, we learn about each others health problems.  A long time, dear friend of mine just found out that she has lung cancer.  Another talked about how her husband was treated for tongue cancer.  I, of course had my brain tumor.   We talk and share because we know that we are human and fragile, yet strong at the same time.   I think we hold each other up.   Some with prayer.  Most with good words and thoughts.   Even if we cannot "fix" or cure our friends, we can be a part of each others lives.  We are all a part of life together.

Yesterday was a day of great accomplishments.   First I went to my chiropractor, who helped my back and hip feel better.  Then, I got home to an empty house.  Something I rarely experience these days.  Nick was at his mother's and Austin was at work.     I did about six loads of laundry; sheets, mattress pad, blankets.   I swept and vacuumed and mopped the kitchen floor.   I got sweaty and hot and felt great!  Doing something that is so basic, makes me happy.  Doing it alone is a gift.

Of course I wish I was not the only one in my world who feels that way.    I don't just mean the people I live with.  I mean the world in general looks upon housework as something that you have to do once in a while, but you hate doing it.   When I feel well enough and have the energy, I love it!    Recently, I was talking to Nick about how much cleaner I kept the house when the kids were little.  He laughed and said that his memory of those days are of the house being a mess.   Well, there were toys on the floor in the family room.  Buy that is mess, not dirt.    I cleaned the kitchen counter and the table and the floor.  I vacuumed regularly.   I even had a schedule (in my head) of what chores I would do on which day. I made a point, whenever possible, to wash sheets, towels, clothes and diapers on Fridays so I would not feel like I had to do anything at all on the weekend.   Friday was my busiest house cleaning day.

To be told it was a mess is just not understanding the difference between clean and tidy.   I never got work evaluations.   If I had issued evaluations to myself, I would have gotten high marks.  I do not expect anyone else to have my standards (but I wish they did), but I do expect to be respected for them.

Today has been another really nice weather day!  I went to Starbucks and met with all the mommies and babies.   One of the moms who left last winter for overseas, is in town for a few days.   She and her former baby, now 5 years old, and her new, 6 month old, were there.  That was so nice!  I was really happy to see them!

Another friend, who I have known since her 12 year old was a tiny baby, came with her 12 day old baby.  I knitted a sweater for her baby and gave it to her.  
I may help out with some housework if I can.

Now, for whatever reason, I have a headache and am tired.    I guess I tend to forget that I had brain surgery just three months ago.   The recovery is still going on.  And on and on.

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