Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tired Tuesday

Busy day I guess.  I went to my weekly Starbucks Breastfeeding Cafe', and sat ,and talked with nursing moms.   I do love to watch the babies getting bigger and the new ones join the group as the "older" ones leave when Mom goes back to work.

I made a home visit to help a mom with some breastfeeding issues.  The baby was so perfect, and small.  Less than 5lb at full term.   Hard to believe that Chance was close to that size once upon a time.  I spent two hours with this nursing couple.   I love it when I can get the mom to laugh from the sheer surprise and joy at what her baby and her body can accomplish with the correct support and information.  Being a new mom is so frightening, and so joyful and so complicated and so easy.   It is a real gift that I can help, and a gift that these women allow me in to help them.  They trust me and I do my best for them.

It's the end of November and there are Christmas decoration out already.  Actually, they help brighten up the short days. 

I need to send out an email about our holiday party.  It's always the same information for the Yankee gift exchange, but I always send it so nobody gets confused or forgets.  We are having the dinner/ party on December 9th this year.  Just a week and a half away.  Lots to do before then to get the house ready.   It will get done.

Went to the gym yesterday.  I can feel the muscles I used.  I go again tomorrow. It makes me feel good and also a bit smug- though I am nowhere near the point of being asked to be a model for a sports clothing catalog!  (never will be!)

Silly dog is barking at silly cat right now.  Woof woof (dog) growl, meowl (cat).

It;s not even 8PM and I am in my pajamas!  Thank goodness Nick cooked dinner.  I am too pooped to pop!

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