Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cold, Rainy Day

What do you do on a cold and rainy day in Williamsburg, Virginia?  Spent the day in a museum, that's what.

This morning we all piled into the car and drove to the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Museum in Williamsburg.
The first thing we all did was listen to a presentation on colonial music.  The man who did the presentation played several different instruments and also sang.   He explained the music and instruments.  The presentation was an hour long, but the time just flew!

After hearing the music, we went on a couple of tours and also wandered the museum on our own.   My absolute favorite exhibition was that of the Baltimore Quilts.  They are so overwhelmingly intricate and beautiful that I didn't even attempt to photograph them.  I stood as close as I could without hitting the glass that separated me from the quilts so I could see all of the tiny, perfect stitches- all done by hand, of course.  I found a few tiny flaws, and I thought about the stitcher.  How she probably also knew about her little mistake, but hoped nobody else wold notice it.  

We saw some folk art and amazing paintings by people I had never heard of before, including Steve Harley, who is believed to have only painted three pictures.  They are all there and are amazing in their color and feeling.

Roosters also seem to figure into folk art prominently, so I took some pictures for my sister, who has a thing for chickens and roosters!

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