Saturday, November 3, 2012

So many babies

I have been busier in the last week or so than I can remember in a long time.  There seems to be a little bit of a baby boom going on around here!

Last week I saw a young, new mom who was truly delighted when her baby latched on by herself while lying against mom's skin and warmth.  These little people have skills we don't know about or even believe until we learn about it and share the skill with the new mom.  And quite often her own mother is there as well as her husband.

I have been doing lactation consulting for almost 29 years.  I have been a La Leche League Leader for almost 34 years.  They are different, but the same.  I use my technical skills to figure out how the baby's mouth anatomy is formed and if it will effect latch and nursing.  I assess the mother's breast anatomy and see what adjustments we need to make to get her and the baby in synch.

I use my La Leche League knowledge to sooth the mother and show her how wonderful and important she is to her baby.  A lot of moms need permission to actually fall in love with their babies.   They love them, but sometimes the whole thing is so daunting and overwhelming that the new mom is in a blur or "what just happened here".   The hormones, the fierce need to care for your baby, these are things you cannot prepare for, nor do you believe it will happen to you.

Today I got to work with two different moms and their two sets of twins.  The first set were boy/ girl twins.   The second set were both identical girl twin babies.  These moms are so determined to get breastfeeding to go well for them.

Ok,. I am so tired I am missing keys, so off to dream land I go.

This little girl will be ten years old in a few days!

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