Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beautiful Weather in Williamsburg!

Colonial Marching Band
We could not have had better weather than we had today.  I would guess it got up to about 70 degrees, and it was sunny all day.

We went to some reenactments and ate lunch in Chowning's Tavern, in Colonial Williamsburg and we all chose to eat Brunswick stew, which was delicious!
Brunswick Stew
I am here with three other women and we have been walking and sightseeing all day today.  We had planned to cook and eat in this evening, but decided to get pizza ( I got gluten free) and eat back "home".

Home consists of two apartments that are rather hard to explain.   Sue and Mary Lou have an apartment downstairs, and Florence and I have an identical apartment right above theirs.  The apartments have a living room, dining room, kitchen and two bedrooms each with it's own bathroom.   Florence had the bigger room in our apt, and her room has a washer and dryer in it.

Ok, so between the four of us, we have, so far, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two living rooms and dining rooms and two kitchens.  Now, there's more,  Picture an adjoining room- like in a hotel.  Each apartment has an adjoining apartment.  The adjoining apartment had one bedroom, one bathroom with a washer and dryer, a living room/ dining room and a small kitchen.

So, between the four of us we really have six bedrooms, six bathrooms, four kitchens etc.  Pretty crazy!  Oh well, we are "The Crazy Ladies"!

This is Veterans Day weekend, so there was a special Military March honoring American veterans.   The Colonial marching band (I guess that's what you call is) had a parade and were followed by veterans who were here today.  On the parade grounds, all veterans were invited to join them on the grounds.  It was quite a moving event.  

Colonial Williamsburg Courthouse
Veterans Joining the Parade

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