Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dr. Phil made me cry

I was watching Dr Phil this afternoon and talking to the TV as he tried to straighten a fighting family out.

He said that he has buried both of his parents and that Robin (his wife) has buried both of her parents too.

It just pounced out at me-I have buried both of my parents too.  The tears just bounced out of my eyes.   I felt so sad that I don't have them in my life any more.

Thanksgiving is so much about being together with family.  We will be together; Nick and I and some of our kids and Nick's mom and sister and so on.   And I am happy that we have them.   I just miss what I don't have any more.

Of the four people in this picture, I am the only one still alive.

There are more pictures of us all together.  Just not loaded on my computer.   My family of origin.   All gone but my sister and I.  I am the youngest.  the baby with the perfectly round head!

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