Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Three weeks in

It's been three weeks since my knee replacement surgery and a little more than that since discovering a blood clot in my calf.  I've been mainly sleeping in the recliner in the family room.   I never even used to sit in this chair, but for now it's the only place I can be comfortable.    My right knee- the one that was not operated on, functions normally. So, for instance,  if I sit on a chair my right foot sits in the floor in a relaxed, comfortable way.  My left knee doesn't bend as far, so it  is in an awkward position sticking out ahead of where it would normally be. And since it hurts and is sensitive, I can't just move it into a more comfortable position without being really careful not to hurt myself.

I stopped lying down to sleep in bed or even on the sofa because somehow something in my legs stretches or snaps or somersetting and hurts like shit and makes me scream.  It's like a charlie horse and I need Nick to get up and help me.

And on another subject, we are finally closing the sale on our house in Reston.  After living in the new house for over a year, we feel like we are in the right house.    I asked Nick if he feels emotional about signing the papers.  He said that if it had sold right when we first put on the market we would have felt sad and nostalgic.

I have taken narcotic pain medicine so don't think  I am too coherent.     I'll read this tomorrow and edit it.

Good night

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