Thursday, August 8, 2019

Taking a knee

Okay, I understand that the expression "take a knee" has nothing to do with my knee.  But my knee was worked over the other day

I have written quite a bit about my knees.  They have both been bothering me (as in hurting)for ages.  Tuesday I had surgery on my left knee.  A total knee replacement.  They dope you up pretty good and having you walking right after surgery.  I walked from the OR stretcher right into my room and onto my bed.

Thing is, there were  a lot of drugs on board, plus a "block" in my thigh.

By yesterday, the drugs were wearing off.  And I got sent home.   And it's hard and it hurts so much.   Thank goodness Nick is here.  I cannot even lift my foot high enough to put on my pants!

My step sister, who's a nurse,  came and spent some time with me today so Nick could go out and grocery shop.

I am feeling pretty loopy and still sore.   I look forward to the pain leaving me.

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