Monday, August 12, 2019


I am going to write a little bit here as a sort of note/ reminder to myself.   I am afraid that in however many months pass, and my knee is feeling  great I will forget how it feels right now.  I hope that it will feel great.  I hope that I will feel like this knee replacement surgery was the best decision I ever made.

It's been six days since my surgery and I hurt like I never could have imagined possible.   It's horrible.  I ask myself what made me think that this was a good idea.   The first day or so there was still medication on board that kept the pain down and I think gave me greater mobility,

Now I hurt.  A lot.  Honestly, I am a little bit better at putting my leg into bed without help.   A small thing, but my current reality.

I hate taking pain medicine, but I have to or I will tear myself out of my skin with the pain.

Time to take a shower, take some drugs and have Nick take me to physical therapy.

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