Tuesday, March 19, 2019

I'm so vain ....

The picture on the left as you look at the picture- the one in which I have on a burgundy shirt, was taken today.

The other picture was taken a month ago.

I looked in the mirror today and was surprised to see that I have developed jowls.  I guess in losing weight at this age, my skin is not as elastic and so when I lose weight- as I have been doing- my skin sags.

Oh joy. Just when I finally start to lose weight and begin to look forward to looking like my old self, I find what my old (current) self is developing into.

Life is so strange.  I was such a pretty girl and young woman.  I was insecure and felt ugly much of the time.  And now I am going down the road to-- what?   

Oh well, I am alive.  I am mostly happy.  I have a wonderful life.  That's beautiful.

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