Monday, March 11, 2019

Good news!

Went to the breast surgeon with my sister this morning to learn about her lumpectomy .  Everything is looking good.  Clear margins around the tumor.  I think that means that the tumor was removed and the area of tissue surrounding the tumor was removed (not all of it of course) and the part that was removed- the margins, didn't have any cancer.  There was a lymph node removed and it was cancer free as well.

What a big relief!

Also, not sure I wrote about this, but I had an MRI last week to see if there was anything growing in

my brain that shouldn't be.  SO far so good.   I do not appear to have any brain tumors- new or old.

Jill Leslie Anderson, PA-C03/08/2019 11:59 AM

MRI results

Dear Ms. Sherwood,

Your MRI of the brain from 3/6/2019 was reviewed and shows no reccurent tumor present and stable findings as compared to the previous scan. We recommend that you follow up with another MRI in 6 months.
Pease let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you,

I am planning to go to Portland and cat/ house sit for Courtney for a couple of weeks.  I am looking forward to this as a bit of R&R.

The weight loss and the physical therapy seem to be helping a lot.    I feel better.  My knees are not hurting all the time and I rarely need my cane.   Fingers crossed that the knee pain wont' come back.

After midnight and I need to get into bed.  I am so tired!

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