Thursday, April 2, 2015

Here I am again!

I am counting down until my thyroid surgery.  Today is Thursday.  Surgery is the Monday coming up.  Four days as I count.

I am a bit stressed and worried and scared.  I think that's normal when you know that you will be getting powerful drugs pumped into your body so you can be cut open.  And hopefully, repaired.

Had an MRI yesterday.  headaches are still happening.  I looked at the disc with the MRI imaged form yesterday and compared them to the pictures from last year when I was first diagnosed with a meningioma.   I have my thoughts on what they look like, but since I am not a professional, and do not really know how one reads MRI images, I'll keep my opinion to myself for now.

First we put the orthodontist's kids through college with five kids in braces.  We have kept obstetricians all around the world employed delivering our five babies.

And this is the era of surgeons I guess.

More news as it comes in.

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