Friday, March 6, 2015


I guess I am going to write about winter.  We have had snow on and off for the last few weeks.  Just enough that the local school kids have not had a full week of school in what seems like ages.   I am kind of glad we don't have to worry about getting the kids up and out to school any more!

I love how pretty the snow is.  At least when it is fresh.  Yesterday it snowed all day.  It was gray out because the snow kept falling, but the snow made up for the grayness.  This morning when I got up, it was a bright, sunny day.  Everything looked so clean and bright.  Snow with sun shining on it is beautiful.

Yesterday I went out back to knock the snow off of our Leyland  Cyprus trees.  When the snow is heavy, the trees bend and break.  We have lost a lot of them in the past few years.   This morning I had sore arms from  lifting a pole up high and hitting the branches!

I have probably written enough about snow this winter to bore everyone to death!

Snow party- nobody came!

I love the little peaks in the gate!

So, what else is going on in my life?   Today, March 6th, marks one year since I found out that I had a brain tumor.  And what a year it has been!   I have been having headaches for about the last two weeks or so.  I suspect it is from the changing weather. or maybe I am getting too used to the medication that I take to help with headaches.   At any rate, I will call my neurologist next week.

I am still working on organizing my study.  I think I have been at it for a month.  Maybe even more.  I don't know if I have too much stuff, or just not enough room for all of the stuff I have!  I have tons of scrap booking materials.  Albums, paper, adhesive, cutting systems.   And thousands of pictures.  So, even when I have all of my materials organized, I will still have to sort through the pictures and decide what to do with what.

Then there is the sewing stuff.  I have one drawer full of zippers and trims.  They were on sale.  the price was too good to pass up.   And thread.  I have a lot of thread!  Not to mention all of the fabric I have. 

I also have yarn.  And knitting needles.  And patterns.  And unfinished projects (that seem to be a theme here).

I have a lot of books about breastfeeding.  They at least, are not a "project".  I don't feel like they are waiting to be worked on.  They are there if I need them.  But, they do take up space!   And I have been doing some lactation work lately.  I love doing it.  I hate writing the follow up reports.  But that what I have to do if I want to get paid!

Here is my computer desk- before and after!   I put my computer tower on the floor, under the desk.  That was the first step.   Nick and I went to the Container store, and he installed the shelves above my desk  This is some of my breastfeeding library.  I have put more up since I took this picture.



Austin has been away for a few days.  He is visiting Richmond.  I know he needed to have a break form being home with us so much.   It is quiet when he's here, but even
 quieter when he's gone.

I have been spending so much time in my study either organizing, paying bills, or playing around on my computer.  Nick has been out clearing away snow.  Or watching TV in the family room.  We get together for meals.  We watch our evening shows together.   It would be nicer if we spent more time closer to each other, but we are alright.  We enjoy each other's company, but don't feel obligated to entertain each other.   I think that comes from being married for a long time.  We know each other really well.  We don't have to follow each other around like puppies as we did when we were newly married.  It's all good.

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