Friday, March 13, 2015

The headache from hell

I have been having pretty bad headaches for about 3 weeks now.  These headaches are not bad enough to keep me awake at night.  They are enough to make me feel grumpy now and then.

I am sure that all of the weather changes over the last month or so had created a lot of "barometer headaches"The way it works as I understand it, is that the changes in the barometric pressure can cause bad headaches to people who have had a brain tumor, or had one removed.   I am almost 9 months out of my brain surgery.  Even so I keep thinking I need to see my neurologist .  Maybe it's nothing.  Maybe a change in medications would help.  

Today was the worse headache I think I have ever had.It was bad enough that I thought I would have to get Nick to drive me to the hospital.

Once we had lunch (Costco hot dogs, yum)  I felt a little better with something in my stomach.  I'm not sure why food would effect my head, but it did.

We did a couple of quick errands and went home.. With my cold.

Yesterday, the surgeon put a scope up my nose, down the nose and down into my esophagus.


Falling asleep at the key buttons.must sleep now. More to come...

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