Sunday, June 1, 2014

Very quick, late night, tired Nancy post

This evening I was putting the clean towels away in the linen closet.  They reminded me of going shopping with my mom before we went to Australia.

I had told my mom that our house in Perth had five bathrooms, so we needed a lot of towels.  I have two sets of green/ yellow/ blue striped towels that my mom bought.  There are also some floral towels.  We still have them after all these years.  And I still remember the joy in my mom's face as she proudly told anyone that would listen "my daughter is moving to Australia.  They will have five bathrooms in their house."

I wonder if anyone was impressed by what my mother said?  Her gestures, like furnishing your five bathroom house with towels.

Ok, off to bed.  Maybe I'll dream about towels!

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