Thursday, June 5, 2014

Counting down some more

I have been trying to write about places we have been  and our homes there.  Mainly focusing on kitchens.  And I have quite a few more to add.   One of these days I will put pictures of our actual kitchens, not just clips from online.

Tonight I am going to write about myself.  My present self and my current state of mind.  If that works. 

Of course I have been really stressed about having a tumor in my head.  And I know that my family and friends are worried too.  I have been missing some of my regular activities because I had too big a headache.

Today, my sister came over.  We mostly lay down on the sofas and watched TV.  I didn't really feel "sick" today.  Just drained.  Tired.  Worn out and faded out.   I am sure a constant headache must release some stress hormones into my system and make me feel sick in fact.

I am having surgery in ten days.  That's not very long now at all.   I am scared.  Of the things I have written about like having my head cut open with power tools.  But I am also afraid of what they will find.  Has the tumor grown?  Could it be cancerous?  Will it come out, be gone and never come back?

I worry about the potential deficits I may be left with.  I feel confident that I will come out of this alright.  But there is no 100% guarantee.

I am falling asleep in front of the keyboard.  I shouldn't do that!

So, good night!

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