Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A tiny bit more about Poland

In my last little ditty on Poznan, I wrote about the temporary apartment we lived in.  I didn't even start on the kitchen that we had for most of the two years we were there.

We had a flat/ apartment, in an German style house.  There was an entry way with steps going up and steps going down,  The "going up" steps led to our apartment.  There was an almost identical apartment apartment above us.  On the top floor was a garret/ attic apartment that was quite small, made smaller by the sloped ceilings and the dormers in some of the windows.

Each apartment took up the whole floor it was on, so, in that respect, it was not a typical apartment house.

Our kitchen was medium size I guess, but I am not sure exactly it was medium compared to.    It was big enough for the three of us .  There was one door into the kitchen- right at the end of the long, foyer inside the front door.

When you walked in the door, there was rustic Polish table and chair set.  On the wall to the right of where you walked in was the stove.  It was pretty big, and I think it might have had two ovens side by side    Further along- at the end of the stove wall, and perpendicular , was some counter space and the sink.

This is similar to what we had.  They open out to get fresh air and the interior parts opened in

On the back wall was a big window sill that was over the big hot water radiators.  There were 3 or 4, big, German style windows.  They were very high, I remember that.  The inside/ house side of the windows opened in, like a hinged door. Then there was a second set of windows in the same frames.  These windows opened out.  I am sure that the reason for the double glass is for weather proofing in the cold winters.
This is not the house we lived in, but the style is similar

We had so much fruit growing in the yard that I was able to make all sorts of pies and apple sauce and apple crisps.  But I digress.

We had 12 apple trees in the yard as well as a few, not very good, pears.  And there were a couple of walnut trees that dropped nuts that had to be cleaned off. 

The kitchen table was in use almost all of the time for one thing or another.  Most of the time we had a reddish Batik table cloth that Nick's parents bought whe we all went to Bali together.  

This is the type of kitchen chairs we had: 

Ok, back to the kitchen.  Walk in.  Stove to your right.   Counter space where coffee fixings were kept and where baking took place.   Then there was the wall with the sink.  A stainless steel sink.  There was some counter space on either side of the sink.  I think of this cupboards as being greet.   

After the sink and counter tops, there was a pantry. It held a lot of the foods that we brought back from our shopping exploitations to Berlin; the land of plenty .  This was a walk in pantry, I could say it is a good space, but not a whole lot more.  For some reason, that little pantry had a small window in it.  I don't think it was able to be opened.

Courtney's high chair fit perfectly at the end of the kitchen table, with the big windows at her back.

Since I am falling asleep in front of the computer, my poor, tired body  it telling me to pick this body up and get to bed.


Ok, I went to bed.  It's a new day.   I just wanted to add my "freezer list" from when we lived in Poznan.  We had a deep freeze in the basement and kept a lot of stuff there.  This is how I knew what we had before going and looking for it:  It has what I bought, when I bought it, and where I bought it.  I crossed things off after using them.  You can make the picture bigger if you click on it.

Here's a copy of one of my meat orders:

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