Sunday, March 3, 2013

What I wrote on Facebook today and more

I feel a bit of a rant coming on. I just saw a post with the picture of an overweight woman falling off a skateboard. There were all sorts of "jokes" about not allowing obese people to skate board, about how she ate too many nuggets etc. How is making fun of people because of their physical appearance not bullying? How is it funny? How is it not discrimination? I am overweight. I am tired of never being represented as anything but stupid or the brunt of a joke. How many people have I helped? How many have I affected and made a real difference in their lives? Hundreds, maybe thousands.
Do not bully. That is mean, so do not bully ANYONE. Weight, gender, race, stature, religion; if you ridicule anyone who is "different" than you in any of these ways, you are a bully. YOU really are. So stop it!


I was so upset about the whole fat humor thing, I cried after I wrote this.  I got lots of positive feedback.  I really don't think that non heavy people have a clue .  Recently a friend and I were talking about the large number of heavy women at an event we attended.  My friend said "but they could do something about it".   Maybe they can.  Maybe they cannot.  Maybe they love themselves enough that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks.   

If I met someone who was very different from me, say an Orthodox Jew, I would never say "well they don't have to be that way.  They can change it".

I have been really in a deep, sad place lately, and the fat humor just threw me over the edge.  I am not "sad" in a way that is circumstantial.  I cannot just stop.   It is a part of who I am- like my blue eyes.   I am constantly working on my life.  Learning new things.  Helping new moms and dads and babies work more smoothly in their new rolls in life.

Knowing that I love and that I have love coming back to me keeps me going.  I have a very meaningful life and I know that I am a force for good.

But I am also me.   Sometimes my depression motivates me to do things and grow.  Sometimes it makes me feel like doing nothing at all.  What I need to learn is how to relax and "do nothing" without feeling guilty about it.

Happy Birthday to my Morgan.   He is 32, which means I have been his mom for 32 years (plus 9 months).

I am so lucky and I am blessed to have such fantastic children to love, who love me back.

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