Saturday, March 23, 2013

Poke me with a fork... I'm done

Some sort of baby boom is going on in the Washington, DC area this month.  I have been busier than I have ever been as a lactation consultant.  I love it.  More often than not, I start a visit with a worried, tearful mom and I leave with the mom smiling and confident.   I am good at what I do.   I have probably written about that before.

Then there are the times when I leave the mom with so much to ponder and so many things to correct that she is not so happy.  After a few phone calls and maybe another visit, it works out.  Today I visited one of those moms.  Her baby needs some work getting his latch right, and possibly some intervention (frenulum clipping).  So despite all of our efforts, I left a mom with more ammo so solve her problems, but without a quick fix.

I feel so bad when I cannot help a mom find immediate relief.   I guess I really do care.

Today I went to Silver Spring, MD.  After my home visit, I decided to drive around a bit.  I grew up on that side of the Beltway, so I wanted to see what had changed and what had stayed the same.   I took a few pictures that I will put up later.

Pretty much everything has changed.  The building that were there when I was a  kid, and still exist, have different businesses and companies in them.   There is no evidence of the Singer sewing machine store for instance.

I made my way to the neighborhood where we lived for eight years of my childhood.  Not the first time I have done that, but it is stranger and more unbelievable as time goes by.

I went to a new yarn shop in Wheaton.  I'd been there before, and wanted to go again since I was there anyway.  I was reminded of a "fiber festival" in Vienna, VA that I had planned to go to.  So I went there next.

After that I went to Costco, which as everyone knows, is the last place you should ever go on a weekend.   It was really crowded!

By the time I got home, I was exhausted, dehydrated and feeling dizzy.  I remembered that all I had for lunch was a soda and a candy bar.   My ear has been bothering me on and off, and today was one of those on days.

A lot of the time I was out, I was thinking and stressing about the dinner we were supposed to go to this evening.  And I was stressing about the things I always stress about- chores.  There is always work that needs to be done both in and outside of the house.  I often feel like I am the only one to notice it.  Or at least the only one to care.   Nick does a lot, but nobody cleans bathrooms or empties all the trash cans on trash night,  vacuums, or cleans inside the microwave unless I ask then to.  I guess I should be glad that they do it then.

But I hate being a taskmaster. I really hate asking for "help".  How is it help?  Why do I think of it that way?  I am not the only one here.  I am the one who is bothered though.  I am sure that contributes to why I am sick.  And why I am depressed at times.  And even to why I have weight problems.  Yes, stress can do that.

Ok, I have to get my tired self to bed now.

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