Friday, February 12, 2016


Many people are interested in genealogy.  Origins.  The people we came from. Some are interested in the history and the stories from a hundred years ago.   Some just wonder what their grandfather, who they never met, was like.

About a year before my mother died, I sent out packets to my mother's siblings, a few of her cousins and some  colleagues.   In the packet was a piece of acid free paper for writing or typing on and I think some little envelopes for pictures.   It was wonderful receiving all of the letters.  The memories of my mom and how she was a part of so many people's lives.  There were pictures of her with her sister, brothers, cousins and friends.

I was so happy to be able to, with the help of my sister, put together an album of pictures and those letters.  My mom really loved it.

I tried to ask my father questions.  To know him better and understand him and myself.  But he didn't like to be asked. So I feel I have more questions than answers.

And now, I find myself looking on Facebook and following some of my cousins.  And their children and grandchildren.   I am thinking of trying to create a project much like the one I did for my mother.  A sort of living genealogy for myself and my children, and for my living cousins and their children.

This is what I wrote on Facebook this evening:

Looking at photos of my [first] cousins and their children and in some cases, grandchildren. On my mom's side there were 16 grandchildren from Grandma & Grandpa Rivers. All but one, my brother Dale, are still active and living. In 2001, shortly after my brother died, we had a Rivers reunion.
My mom was one of 5 siblings. Three remain.

On my dad's side there were 14 Thompsen grandchildren. And for the last 14 years, my brother was the only Thompsen cousin gone. Now we have lost another, my cousin Pat (Patricia).
In July there will be a gathering on the Thompsen/ Thompson cousins and their children- those who can be there.
My dad was one of 5 brothers. They are all gone. Two of their spouses, my aunts, are still with us
Those of my friends who did not grow up with lots of aunts and uncles and cousins may not understand. But to me, my cousins feel, , in a way like extended siblings.
I want to see you all again and again in my life

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