Sunday, February 28, 2016

All my children

Yes, I know that's the name of a soap opera, but I am referring to my children.   yes, they are all adults, but I gave birth to them so I can call them my children.  Anyway, they are all together in Portland, Oregon having a big get together/ slumber party.  This is the first time all five of them have gotten together on their own without it being a parent organized event- like a wedding, funeral or holiday.

I think it is so cool that they have decided to be together.  It makes me happy that they all like each other enough to do this.  So often you hear of siblings growing apart once they have flown the nest.

Here are some of the pictures that Courtney has sent to me.  She was the instigator of this weekend get together.

I am not sure how or why, but these pictures are not in the order I intended them to be.  Oh well...

Courtney & Morgan meeting Austin & Chance PDX

Darcy at Courtney's house

Chance in Courtney's kitchen

Morgan at Courtney's house
Four Sherwood brothers at PDX

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