Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My cousin Pat (Patricia)

As a kid, I always knew Pat as "Patsy".  She was one of my Uncle Ralph's three daughters.  I am sorry to say I am not even sure if she was the eldest or the second eldest daughter.

The five Thompsen/ Thompson brothers had, all together. 14 children.  There were 14 of us cousins until the death of my brother, Dale Alan Thompsen, in 2001.  Then there were 13.

Now, Patsy has died and there are 12 of us.   We are all getting to be the oldest generation but for two aunts (who married two Thompsen brothers).

Here is a picture of most of the Thompsen cousins, minus Dale and our cousin Molli Thompsen Gibbs-Harris, who lives in New Zealand and was not able to make it to the reunion.

The picture was taken in August 2006 in McMinneville, Oregon.

Pat is in a white shirt with the sun shining down on her.   Another link to our childhood and family is lost.

L-to R Front row Susan, John, Holly, Elden, second row, Jim, Nancy, Pat, back row, Elinor, Cassie, Carol, Colleen and Carl

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