Monday, November 9, 2015

Home again? Not yet

I have spent a wonderful 5 days with women in the La Leche League Alumni, in Charleston , South Carolina.

I have been a member of the alumni association for quite a while now, but have never been on one of their trips before.  I can honestly say that it has been worth it.  I am re-charged and re-energized. I met many women I had not met before.  Resumed old friendships.  Shared stories about our children and our lives.  Ate great food and saw this city.

There is so much more I could say, but I am tired,  I was scheduled to fly home this evening, but my flight was cancelled due to bad weather.  I am spending the night at a hotel near the airport and am booked on a morning flight that should have me home by noon.

This is a group of members of the email list we have shared for almost 20 years.  We call ourselves "Power Surge", PS for short.  We have shared many confidences and feel like we are sisters.  I am glad that some of us were able to get together this week!

This is most of the Alumni Group that was together.  Picture taken at Fort Sumter

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