Saturday, November 14, 2015

Did my get up and go just get up and leave?

Last week I was in Charleston, South Carolina with a group of 64 women, all about my age or older.  We were on the go almost constantly.  I was busy, energized and had no trouble falling asleep at night.  I met many of the women for the first time, but we all had La Leche League in common.

Now that I  am home,  I don't feel like doing much of anything.  Why is that?  Am I worn out by all the activity, or do I just feel that I am in a rut when I am home?

Over the years, I have learned a lot about myself.  I took a Myers/ Briggs class once and I learned that, while I am a very strong extrovert, I have five children, all of whom are to some extent, introverts.  As is my husband.  Learning that was revealing to me because I learned that everyone has their own comfort level and their own "normal".  I learned that being introverted by nature does not mean you are depressed.  It does not mean you are shy and you just need to come out of your shell, or grow out of it.

I also learned what I probably instinctively knew;  I get energized by being around people.  I love talking and sharing my stories and laughing with friends both old and new.

I have also learned (most of the time anyway, I hope) that I don't always have to talk.  To share.  Not to compare my experience with another person's experience.  I try not to sound like I am trying to "one up" the other person.

I have learned more about empathy.  I think I have always had empathy.  But I have not always allowed myself to slow down enough to hear the other person and what they have to say.   Some years ago a friend pointed out to me that I tend to interrupt and talk over people.  I really try to hold myself back now.  Except, of course, I do talk over my husband- he sometimes just takes too long (in my opinion) to get a thought out.   He is patient with me (most of the time).

Right now I am experiencing what we in LLL often refer to as "post parting depression".   The feelings of sadness when you go home after an energizing event.  Returning to "normal" after being so energized and charged up by being with energetic, like minded people.

I guess my get up and go didn't go anywhere.  It's just resting for now. 

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