Thursday, July 30, 2015

vi er i Norge

What I said, above, is "we are in Norway.   My sister and I, and her two granddaughters arrived in Oslo two days ago.  We are jet lagged, but doing a lot of running around and seeing/ doing things.

Flying here went very well.   A short stopover in Iceland made us wish we were spending time there in addition to our Norway part of the trip!

I am really loving it here and only wish I could make this trip last longer.

I am hoping/ planning to put pictures on here.  I have been having technical issues.  First, I cannot log into my Verizon email account.  Spent a long time on the phone with "support".  Second, I downloaded over a thousand pictures from my camera.   Where did they go?  At least they are still on my phone and not completely lost!   I could email them to myself, but since I cannot get into my email.. well that's a problem isn't it?

I may just add the pictures when I get back home to my familiar computer!

Yesterday we went to the folk museum.  The girls and I went on a horse and carriage ride around a little village that has houses with  grass growing on the roofs!  Each girl took something away from that experience. I think that Sarah, older, can appreciate that the grass roof houses are real representations, and in fact real houses that people have lived in.  Jessica enjoyed the old fashion gas station, and the building that had actual furniture arranged in living areas much as it would have been in the particular era represented.   She was very impressed (disturbed) by the chamber pots, which she called "pee pots".

Being outdoors in the fresh, though sometimes rainy air was good for all of us.

Tomorrow we are going to stay with a cousin in her vacation house in Sweden .  Next, off to Tromso and the land of the midnight sun!

I have written to Tromso folks, but now that I cannot get my email, I have no idea what will happen.

Oh well, shit happens, life happens.   Right now it is all happening in Oslo!     

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  1. Your problem is that you are using Verizon email! You can open a gmail account from where you are and use that instead.