Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tromso 30 years later

This is the coastal steamer (hurtigruten) as seen from our hotel room.This is a part of a fleet that goes up and down the Norwegian coast every day.  I used to see it going north at around 3:00 PM every day when we lived in Tromso.  The southbound ship passes by at midnight.

We got to Tromso yesterday.  It is more beautiful than  I remembered it!  The weather has been on our side which helps.

Walking in town, there were many familiar sights and many changes.  More traffic.  Traffic lights!!!  There was only one traffic light when we lived here.  The population has grown and things have changed.  But, the shapes and familiarity of the mountains is the same. I did make friends here and have good times.  I was just somewhat in survival mode with three small children and a husband who traveled much of the time.   I know that there is a beauty and coziness to the mørktide

The view from our hotel room is amazing.

Now, I will try to put a picture or two here.

This is the coastal steamer, also known as the Hurtigruten.  This picture was taken from the balcony of our hotel room

A yarn-bombed bike in front of a yarn store

Some things have not changed at all

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