Friday, June 19, 2015

thoughts from Facebook

This is what I wrote on Facebook today concerning the shootings in Charleston,  South Carolina where 9 people were killed.  I do not want to start a political discussion.  Or one on race.  Or hate crimes.

Other people are doing that. 

I have seen the news and looked at the posts and opinions about the shootings in South Carolina. Whatever
a person's political views, it is sad when death comes at the hand of another human being.

 And so, I bow my head. But, I also feel my heart full of love. Life is short.

Life is precious. Life is hard. Life can suck.

I am strong and brave, but I can be weak and scared. And I am full of love. Love for my family. My friends. My country.

 Everything has imperfections. Children, politicians, monstrous murderers. We were all somebody's child once. Somebody's baby boy or girl.

I don't have any answers. I do have questions.

 I get down and sad at times, but I love my life. Amen.

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