Thursday, June 18, 2015

My day in pictures

I replaced the aerator on the kitchen sink faucet.  Now the water pours out just fine!


New seat!

new door knob on the hall closet door

Too hot to garden without my hat!

This is the blossom of one of the onion type plants that Nick put in last year.  We are not exactly sure what it is, but it might be a leek

squash and beans

The very first tomatoes of this year!  

How does your garden grow?

a real onion!

corn and beans

And I ended the day with this guy (and his mother and some other friends) eating dinner at the Silver Diner

 Now that you have seen all of the pictures, let me tell you what they are:

The aerator on the kitchen sink broke.  So, the water just sort of drizzled out and kept dribbling for a bit even after it was turned off.   I went to Home Depot and they didn't have the parts I needed.  I went on line and found that I could order the parts and have them delivered to the Home Depot right up the street.  So I did. Then I fiddled with the thing for a while until I figured out how to attach it and make it work!

Peek-a-boo!  You see, I decided to get a new toilet seat for the downstairs bathroom.  The one we had was over 30 years old and looking kind of weird 'nuff said.   I was able to get the first screw/ bolt in to hold the seat on, but was having a hard time with the second one.   I tried putting my head up and under the seat but quickly realized that my head could very well get stuck between the wall and the toilet.  "Hello, 911. yes, my emergency is that my head is stuck"  "where"  "um, how do I explain?"
So I sent my camera/ phone on selfie and put it down there to get a picture so I could figure out how I did it in the first place.  The picture really did help, but I thought it was kind of funny!   And, ta-DA, a new seat!

The next bunch of pictures are of the garden.  We have had enough rain the last few days that I didn't need to water anything.  I did have to pull the weeds- they grow as fast or faster than the things I am really trying to get growing.  The pictures have captions.

From 7-9 this evening, I lead a La Leche League meeting.  Pretty good turnout.   It was too hot in the room, but we don't have any control over the temperature.   After our meetings the Leaders and whatever moms want to join us, all go to the Silver Diner for a late dinner (or dessert).  Sam sat across the table from me and entertained me with his stories and his explanations of games I have never heard of.  Little kids can be oh, so expressive.  Sam sure is.   I have know Sam and his twin brother Karl (not present tonight- home with his Daddy) since they were tiny little preemie newborns.  It is so amazing to keep seeing all of "my" babies go from little squishy bundles to busy, smart little kids- and beyond.   I do honestly feel like they are all "mine".  They have touched my life, that's for sure.  And in some way, large or small, I have touched theirs.

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