Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Here I am to save the day, that means that Mighty Mom is here!

Just being silly.  Went to Starbucks this afternoon.  It seems that all of the moms are comfortable asking me questions about breastfeeding.  They know that I will probably, or will look it up

It was a really nice crowd.  I want to say the "regulars". But it not unusual to have newcomers.One mom came today with her beautiful baby girl.  Mom is not nursing at all, but is a great pumper!  I am going to try to help her out art her house.

At one point, which at Starbucks, I went into the bathroom.  I looked into the mirror and saw what I must look like to these new moms.   I look my age- or maybe a bit older.   I am just so used to seeing myself probably not at all how others see me.   And, more of the time I am just wearing t-shirts with sayings- mostly about knitting.  Today I wore a bright, patterned t-shirt.  The kind my mother  used to wear.

So, I know that clothes can make a difference, but I guess I am doing okay

                             This picture was taken from the Mother & baby Matters web site (can you see my goiter at the base of my neck over the collar bone?)

 I love noticing the difference in my neck and throat area,  So, in the bottom

 This is a picture of me, taken by me in our family room.  (Behind me there are pictures of the kids.)  I still have enough chins to share, but no huge goiter.

I do wonder why my hair is so gray in the top picture and not so much in the bottom picture.  The one on top was taken several months before the lower picture. I do not use and hair dye at all.

You can see a difference between"before and after".  I have a new scar.   funny, that scar on my neck would have probably bothered me in my 30s or 40s.  Now I am 61, and I just feel like it belongs.

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