Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's that time of year

Days are getting shorter and so are tempers and moods.  I love the winter and the snow and cold.  I do not like how short the days are though.   It makes it harder to enjoy somehow.

My life has been a merry go round of appointments it seems.   And one appointment leads to more appointments.    Raising five kids and getting them all to the dentist and orthodontist, but sick appointments and routine appointments, I probably spend more time in doctors and dentists offices that I can even remember.

So, why is it now all about me?   I guess it is at least in part because I am over 60 now.  Maybe having a brain tumor is part of is.  And a goiter.   And all the other stuff.  I have made three different appointments this morning with three different specialists.  I guess that makes me special!

I am not sure what "normal" is, or even what normal is for me.   I do very well actually.  I can talk (boy can I).  I can drive.  I go to the gym.   I am funny!    But somewhere in there I hope that I can be better.  To "get" better.  

I guess I've gotta have a plan.    Maybe that's why I have a headache.  My brain is really trying to get me organized!

But for now, I need to eat breakfast, take a shower, vote, and go to be with "my" group of moms and babies at Starbucks.  And maybe knit too.

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