Monday, August 25, 2014

Recovery is so hard sometimes

I am 10 weeks out from my craniotomy.  That's the brain surgery I had to remove a brain tumor. Today I am tired.   I have had more good days than bad since my surgery.   There are days when I feel pretty much like my old self.  Except I get so tired.

The last couple of weeks have been busier that usual.  Or, at least busier than I have had since my surgery. Week before last we (Nick and I) drove to Richmond to see Chance.   It was a four hour drive to get there because of all the road work being done   A little over two hours to return.

This last week, I started driving again after about five months.  I led a La Leche League meeting without any of my usual back up Co-Leaders. There were over 20 people, plus babies, at the meeting.  I was energized by the meeting, but it took a lot out of me too.

Saturday we drove to Lancaster, PA to attend a talk on Scrooby Manor, the place William Brewster lived before boarding the Mayflower and heading to America with the other Pilgrims.  That was a lot of hours in the car.  The talk was very interesting and was worth it, but exhausting nonetheless.

Last evening we attended our church group's monthly dinner.  We have not been able to attend for months because I have not been up to it.   We had a great time.  But, I am worn out.  Wasted.  fizzled out.

I started having back and hip pain a week or so ago (my sciatica- which has not bothered me since my surgery) has been terrible.  Especially when I am lying down in bed. I have been using a heating pad so I can sleep.

Sometimes I feel like I am 20.  Sometimes, like right now, I feel older than my 60 years.

I am very glad I don't have a tumor growing in my head any more.   I am so glad the constant headaches are gone.  I am grateful that I have all of my faculties and no real deficits.    Nick has been great at looking out for me and taking me wherever I need to go.   He works so hard.  yes, I do complain, but that's what loving couples do sometimes.

But boy am I tired!

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