Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Here I am again!

I thought I would give driving a try on the weekend.   Well, Nick and I went to Leesburg (VA) to window shop and look at antiques.  You know, all those things we grew up with and used in the kitchen and family room and cooked with and ate off of. yeah, them.  Those are now "antiques".   Makes me laugh.  We went mainly just to get out of the house and do something different and cheap- if you don't buy anything, which we did- not (didn't buy anything that is).

I was looking at the prices on items for sale, and, turning dishes over to see the manufacturers stamp.  As I was doing that, I realized that I was having a great deal of trouble shifting my vision from looking at things close up, and then looking at things across the room.  Depth perception I guess.  It made me feel that I am still not ready to drive.  I would probably be just fine and not have any troubles at all.  But when it comes to the ability to see far and near and being able to focus, it's pretty important to have that just right before getting behind the wheel.     At my post op visit it was suggested that I wait about three months before getting an eye exam and getting a new eyeglasses prescription.  I think that is what I will do.  Then I will work on driving.    Maybe I can find a driving class through AARP that will help our car insurance rates to go down.

Last night, as the group of us were leaving our women's group meeting, we were talking about how much we enjoyed Robin Williams as a dramatic actor more than as a comedic actor.  When I got home, I got on the computer and saw that Robin Williams was dead.   What a shock.  It would have been in any context, but to have just been talking about him was kind of eerie.

Lots of people on Facebook and on TV are talking about suicide and depression and how important it is to get help.  It is true.  You have to be in a very painful place to even contemplate suicide- I know.   But the awareness will fade in a few weeks and most of our lives will go on as before.

The UU (Unitarian Universalist) church does a great job of teaching the kids about the proper names for body parts, how we are born, about life and death.  The younger grades plants seeds to see the growing in the earth.  For the teens there is a great sexuality course.  I. have thought for years that mental illness and social anxiety and difficulty should somehow be put into the UU Sunday school curriculum.   I am afraid to suggest it because I will be invited to do the work of creating it, and I really cannot.

I am missing my sister terribly.   She and her family went on a cruise.  They left on Friday and will be back this Friday.  I am so used to talking with her every day it doesn't feel right somehow!
 Man, woman, birth, death , infinity.  This is how the Ben Casey MD show started each week.    But that is what we have isn't it?   I mean we humans.  Of course I know that this is simple.  We have our identity, familial, social, internal; gender identification; birth- where we all start; death, where we all end; infinity- who knows what that is meant to be.  Is it what we give to life and get from it?  Is it the endless possibilities?  The impossibilities?  The universe?   Afterlife?

Today was a Starbucks Breastfeeding cafe' day.  Nick drove me.  It was pouring down rain, and I expected a small turnout.  I was so happy that there was a large turnout!  There were two wonderful 5 month old baby boys; one very robust and chunky the other smaller, but both equally sweet.  I got to hold then, in turn, and I got to savor their soft skin and their infections smiles and laughs.     There was a 2 year old who is still a very avid nurser who has been coming with his mom since he was a newborn.   The moms don't just talk about breastfeeding.  They talk about going back to work, and how they will manage. The moms with the slightly older babies have been working and they are wonderful mentors and support for the moms getting ready to launch.  The father of one of the babies died when the mom was only 12 weeks pregnant.  So he never got to see his son, and his son will never know his dad.   The one year anniversary of this young father to Be's death is looming and mom is feeling sad.  She got a lot of listening, non judgement ears today.
I got complimented on recovering so well.  Some of the moms have not seen me since surgery and they were impressed.  That made me feel good and lifted my spirits.

Nick and I are planning to drive to Richmond on Thursday to visit Chance.  I have not seen his newest apartment, so I get to see that.  It will be good to spend a few hours with Chance too.  His classes start in a week or so, and he will be pretty busy then.

Austin has signed up for classes too, at NOVA.   We are looking forward that that.  He had a job interview with Office Depot and we are keeping our fingers crossed that something good will come of it.

Oh, I have been given instructions (from my neurosurgeon) to wean off of the Keppra I have been taking.  It is an anti-seizure medication, but it has been giving me arthritis like symptoms.   It will take a few weeks, but I will be glad to stop taking it.  I think when I stop hurting and aching all over, I will get more energy back.

Okay everybody- it's a wrap!

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