Friday, December 13, 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

For the past few years, maybe longer, there has been the annual fuss over "ugly Christmas sweaters".  I actually like sweaters that are decorated for the holidays.  I guess it's the same as the fuss over so called obnoxious and generic Christmas letters.  I often keep these letters as a way of keeping track of far flung family and friends.

I knew that somewhere I had a picture of myself in a Christmas sweater, so the search was on.   I have so many thousands of pictures, it was hard to know where to look.  My digital photos are arranged pretty much by date or topic "Sherwood kid's pictures" for example.  But when you cannot remember what year a picture was taken, the search gets tough.  After looking through all of my picture folders that should logically hold Christmas pictures, I all but gave up.    Then I decided to search through Picasa.  This is a program that I do not really understand, and seldom use.  But I know that it categorizes pictures through facial recognition- somehow.  I looked and looked, and there I was.  Christmas 2002, in my sister's living room in Ellicott City, Maryland.  

Wearing that sweater!  I thought it was a pretty sweater!

Merry Christmas!  

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