Thursday, December 12, 2013

12 days till Christmas!

I don't know if I should be worried or panicking or what.  I am not really either of those things.  I have a lot on my mind though.

It looks like all five kids will be home.  I hope.  Four of them for sure.  Darcy, I hope, but am not sure.  Nick bought a gift for Hannah when he was in Afghanistan, so I hope that they come.

We are having the Extended Family Christmas party/ dinner on Sunday.  I need to buy a few things for the party, and am hoping that Carol's maids will come here on Saturday.  If not, Nick and I will clean.

I have written a rough draft of our Christmas letter.  The cards are here.  I need to write and print the letters, address the envelopes and mail them.  So far this year we have received two cards.  Not enough to make a decorative card display, but that's why I save old cards from previous years.

I think about writing, but then don't.  I have so many stories of events in my life that I need to write down.  When I am telling people about various events in my life, they always say "you should write a book".  Does that mean my life is interesting, or is that just a polite way of saying to me to stop talking?

I always thought I would start to really write after my mother died.  There were just too many things I thought I would want to say about her that I wouldn't want her to read.  But now she's gone and I am not sure exactly what I thought was so important and private.  Oh well.

The last few nights I have actually gone to sleep without much trouble and have woken up feeling human!  Yesterday, after my workout at the gym, I felt great!  Really energized.   All too often I walk in there feeling too tired to do much and just as tired when I leave.  Being rested makes life so much better!

Ok, on that note, good night.

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