Saturday, October 12, 2013

An emotionally exhausting day

I have posted pictures of Pooh Cat here recently.  He has been sick and in decline for a while.  Yesterday I told Nick that I thought it was "time".  I made an appointment to go to the vet to be euthanized.    I cried.  I felt sad.  He is such a beautiful, sweet, special cat.  The best cat ever.

Nick said he wanted to ask the vet if there was anything that we could do to help Pooh feel better.  I agreed, but, was sure that the vet would take one look at Pooh and say that he was too sick.

We talked to the vet who was very caring and understanding.  He said that while Pooh is not getting better, we could try a shot of steroids to see if it helps his digestive issues (diarrhea) and give him a few more days or even weeks of good life.    It seemed like something to try.  So, Pooh got a shot and some special food and we brought him home.  Alive.

It is so hard.  All the crying we all did preparing to say goodbye to our sweet boy.  Then being given a reprieve- however long or short.

Loving is hard because it involves being able to say goodbye and still being here to live on.

I don't cry much or often.  When I do though, it is real and sad and painful and draining.    I am drained. 

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