Saturday, November 9, 2019

New Orleans

My sister and I are in New Orleans.  We're here with the "Friends of La Leche League" (formerly LLL Alumni).    There are close to 60 of us here.

We have had meals together as a group.  We had a bus sightseeing tour yesterday that was phenomenal.  The guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining!

We saw and learned about the various styles of architecture in the city.   The cemetery was interesting.  All graves are above ground because of the high water table.

Folks went off to dinner on their own, with friends, for dinner.  We ate at the Red Fish Grill.  There were some great gluten free options.

This morning there was an early tai chi class that we skipped.  There was also a walking tour that we skipped.   We went to little place called Krystal for breakfast.    Sort of a McDonald's style with freshly cooked eggs.

The beds here were/ are way too high.  It involved a bit of acrobatics to get into bed. After two nights sleeping on these high beds we overheard that the beds could be lowered.  So we had the beds lowered.     The toilet is too low, so I asked about a toilet riser.  Well, we got a shower bench.  Oh well!

I am not very good at spacing these pictures.        I am sure anyone looking at these pictures can tell the difference between the tall bed and the lowered bed.

I am finding that I am more disabled than I realized.  That means I can't walk well or fast.  I's a combination of pain, stiffness and being extra cautious about tripping and falling.

A real highlight has been seeing and talking to Marian Tompson!  She is one of my heroes! 

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