Sunday, April 14, 2019

My Facebook post about my day

I am staying at my daughter's house in NE Portland, Oregon. She left her car here for me to use. I have 
driven in Portland before. Many of my friends know that I do not like driving on elevated roads, and 

Portland had a lot of them. But I digress. I decided to go to Target today. My GPS told me that Target is 3 

miles away. I had my phone/ GPS sitting in the console in the car. It tipped over and when I set it back up 

I guess I touched the screen and re-set something . Next thing I know I am on the Freeway. It didn't 

seem right, but I kept following directions. When the lady in my GPS told me that I would reach my 

destination in 416 miles, I knew something was wrong. Got off the Freeway into a neighborhood. Re-set 

the GPS and found my way. While at Target I bought a clip for my phone to stay seated while I drove. 

The 3 mile drive home was uneventful

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