Sunday, August 9, 2015

Another loss

Sue Berman died August 7, 2015.

This was a write up about her from earlier this year:

Feb. 9, 2015.
Sue Berman
Sue Berman
Sue Berman is the ultimate model of involvement in fellowship at UUCF. Her friends and acquaintances recall that for more than four decades Sue has stepped forward to lead or quietly work to support innumerable activities that have brought together members of UUCF in thoughtful, supportive and often joyful association with each other.
In recent years, Sue has been a mainstay in organizing and facilitating the annual fall Adult Retreat. At the same time she has reached out to others as a Pastoral Care Associate, raised scholarship funds for the Partner Church program, facilitated a women’s support group, was a Sunday coffee monitor and remained an active member of a growth group and an extended family that were both launched at UUCF years ago.
In earlier years friends recall Sue helping to put on the annual Holiday Ball. She was a cook and hula dancer at the annual Luau. In the past, both of these were major social events at UUCF. Sue also taught Religious Exploration, was a youth leader, hosted auction dinners, took part in a journaling group and helped to arrange New Year’s Eve gatherings at UUCF. Sue has organized twice-a-year beach retreats for UUCF members and friends. She has regularly joined small groups for a theater outing, a movie, games or a new adventure. And always she has reached out to friends in need, helping them to get through a difficult time, throw a special party at UUCF or hold a memorial service for a loved one.
In all these contributions and probably many more Sue has remained modest, often behind the scenes, and has not sought recognition. Says a friend, “Sue is sensitive to people’s needs and she’s always stepped up to help.” Another longtime friend adds: “Over the decades we and our ministers and lay leaders have emphasized ‘ministering to each other’ here at Fairfax. Sue has been one of the shining examples of this spiritual practice and we have all benefitted from it – in small and large ways.”
That’s why UUCF is honoring Sue Berman as a Congregational Treasure.
by Judy Gallimore, Dick Lucy, Pat Tinker and Ann Wood

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