Friday, May 22, 2015

trying to figure out how to be a digital photographer

I actually do know how to be a digital photographer .  And I have always been able to figure out how to get pictures from the camera into the computer, and then into print if I wish.

I will learn how to load pictures from my "smart" phone into a format where I can look and edit the pictures in ways that are turned into art work.

I feel like it might be like going into a house with all gas lighting and gas lamps.  Your host asks you to turn on the light (or whatever was the appropriate term).  We, you are from the 21st century,So you go and look for a switch or at least a string to pull.  You push and turn every nail and screw, certain that the next one will somehow make light.  In a lantern. Our hosts and his guests look on amused and sad that such seemingly smart person should have such a difficult experience of switching on a gas lantern.

Hey, over here.  Look at me.  Now tell me what century it is.  An awful lot of changes in a relatively short time can get quiet confusing and may even cause embarrassment and anger.   But, alas, no dueling in my story.  Not for now.

Today I went to the garden to  make sure everything everything was watered and groomed (watered).  I did some weeding and some watering.

I am just going to put a bunch of pictures here.  Pictures I took today.  Okay, I am falling asleep at the desk.  I will get back on with this tomorrow after I get some rest

By the way, if you click on the pictures you will make them bigger.


  1. I had no idea you two had such a big garden! I'm impressed. :) Giggle. I have two Japanese eggplants and 3 indeterminate tomato plants. And one blueberry bush with 35 blossoms. Mardrey

  2. Actually, Nick is the one who did all of the work. It's my job to keep it all from dying while he is away. We rent this plot from the county. Have for years now