Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hello blog, my old friend

I look and see that it has been more than a week since I last wrote here and I feel like I am in confession.  Forgive me...  And I am not even Catholic!

I've been busy not doing a whole lot of anything.   Nick is overseas and I am here with Austin.  We each keep ourselves amused and say "hi" in passing.  We have had dinner together a few times (Austin and I) and that's been really nice!

We had a couple of really hot days this week, and then yesterday and today were nice and cool.  Rainy today.   The next few days are supposed to be nice.  Not too hot, not too cold.

Chance was home last weekend.  He was not feel well, and when he went back to Richmond, he went and got a prescription for antibiotics.  Then Austin got sick, but he is recovering well.  Except for the residual cough and sniffles.

Today I went to see the surgeon who removed my thyroid (more on that later).  When they took my vitals, my temperature was over 99°.  Not terribly high, but high for me.  When I get my temperature  taken at the doctor's office, it is usually about 97°.   When I go home I looked in the mirror and saw that my face is all red.  Flushed.  I do have a fever of about 99.9°.   Oh well, I'll survive.

Anyway, the doctor said all in all I am looking pretty good.  My scar is healing nicely.  I don't even mind having a scar.  Do you lose some vanity as you get older?   Or is it just the acceptance of imperfections in ways I couldn't when I was younger?  Whatever it is, I am okay with it all.

My sister drove me to the doctor- in D.C.  We made it without getting lost once.  Even so it took over a hour to get there.   We enjoy each other's company, so it was alright.  

On the way home we stopped an had dinner.  That was about 3 hours ago.  Now I am hungry again!

We also stopped (before dinner) at Arlington National Cemetery.  It is Memorial Day weekend, and there were soldiers placing flags on all of the graves.   It was impressive and solemn.  I went to our father's "niche"- that's what the places where the cremated remains are placed.

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