Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rainbows make me smile!

I had all these grand plans for when Nick was away and I could run the house the way *I* want to.  Well, I haven't done anything much.  Nothing in the way of making changes to the house or whatever.  In fact, I have been just doing normal stuff.   Reading email.  Writing email.   Playing Candy Crush- a real time waster.   Sort of blue and blah I guess.

I like the days that are cool and I am okay with bright or overcast.  I do not like extreme heat and like it even less what the humidity is high.  Today it got up to 90° and was very oppressively humid.   I ran out to get the books that we sell to the UPS place (they all went UPS this week), dropped into Micheal's and got some string to put my wind chime back together and came home.  That was enough being outside.  I guess taking the dog out counts as outside too.  Right?  I really poured down rain this afternoon.

This evening, my sister is babysitting her granddaughters.   She called me and asked if I wanted to meet them for dinner at Olive Garden.  Great idea!  On the way there I head on the radio that there was rain being dumped on Dulles airport.  Within a minute, it was raining on me.  By the time I got to the restaurant, the rain had stopped, the temperature had dropped about 20° and the sun was shining.  And, there was this beautiful, double rainbow.   Oh.  Makes you just want to stare and ohh and ahh over it.  It has been ages since I have seen a rainbow.  What a great mood lifter.

A strange thing happened last evening.  Austin and I were watching Jeopardy when I heard the garage door open.  Austin went to look, and sure enough, one of the doors was open.  Not the side I park on.   We closed it and disconnected it and locked it.  We decided to lock the all the doors in the house from now on too.  

So today, when I was going out, I hit the garage door switch on the wall, on my side, and it opened just find.  But I could not get it to close on my side with the remote.  I turned off the car and tried the key pad and it didn't work either.  I was holding the my remote in my hand, and I clicked it.  I could hear Nick's garage door motor making noise.  We had a short brown out yesterday and I am thinking that the two garage doors must have shorted out or something.  I will call someone to fix it tomorrow.

I saw a rainbow today and now I am happy!

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