Monday, January 26, 2015

Sometimes life is just hard


Our sweet cat, Beta, died today.  She had collapsed on Saturday, unable to stand or walk, or even hold her head up to eat.  We sat with her.  Hand fed her the little bit she could eat.    I discovered a large tumor on the side of her neck- bigger than a ping pong ball and hard.  It didn't hurt when I touched it, but it bothered me.

This morning we went to the vet.  I got Austin up so he could have a chance to say goodbye.   What a fluffy cat.  She loved to purr.  Last night I slept several hours on the floor, next to Beta listening to her purr as I stroked her fur.   I wanted to bring her into bed, but was afraid she would fall out and get hurt.

The vet was very kind.  She answered my questions and confirmed what I already knew.  Beta would not have any quality of life if we "treated" her.  Meaning having a feeding tube put in and helping her go to the bathroom since she couldn't stand up.

She want to sleep.  So peacefully.  The last transition.  At least that we know about.

This is something I wrote on Facebook:

As with birth, I believe that death should be as natural, and comfortable as possible being surrounded by love and caring. Both are transitions beyond belief and beyond understanding, yet universal in nature

RIP Beta March 15, 1998- January 26, 2015

Cats I have known and loved: Andre' and Pierre, Sonya and Petya, Natasha, Faustus, Vanya and Cecil.  (I forgot to add Sasha and Katrina- they were not with us very long)   Those are the first "family" of cats that Nick and I had.   More recently we have had Amoeba, Beta, Tigger & Pooh, Black Cat
left to right; Black Cat, Pooh, Amoeba, in the window, Tigger and Beta. Tigger is the only one remaining
We have had dogs too.   Heather was with us from 1971 to 1985.   Suzy and Spots were more recent.  And the ferrets, must not forget them!

Now we have Buddy who is a 2 year old dog, and Tigger, who is a 15 year old cat.   It is getting too quiet and empty here.  Nick says we can get another cat when he turns 80.  That way he figures, he won't have to outlive any animals..


Buddy in the snow

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