Sunday, February 9, 2014

February tenth twenty fourteen

I took the weekend "off".  Yesterday I stayed in my pajamas all day and didn't even shower.

Today, I finally gave in and took a shower and got dressed.  And we went to our dinner group's monthly dinner.  Nick made deviled eggs.  Yum, they are the best!

A few weeks ago I entered five photos in a fine arts photography contest.  I didn't really expect to win.  But I did expect/ hope that at least one of my pictures would be selected for the competition.  Then they would hang on the walls in the studio and I might  at least sell one or more.  Not devastating, but dissapointing.

If I can figure out what files the pictures are in I will post them here.

I am sure that there were a lot of great submissions.  This is the first time I have ever tried to win anything with my work, so it comes as only a small surprise.

I like my pictures.  I know that I am a good photographer.   That's important to me.   It is also important that I be recognized as a good photographer.  Even if just by friends and family.  Everyone enjoys praise!


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