Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Windy Tuesday

Today has been a cold and blustery day.  When I got up this morning the wind was so strong it was making a whistling sound through the front door.  Well, not exactly through it, but around the weather stripping.  When I opened the balcony door on the other end of the house, the pitch of the whistling changed, but it was just as intense.

Instead of sunning on their posts in the water like they did yesterday, this morning the sea gulls seemed to be suspended in the air.  Unable to fight the strong wind they just bobbed around complaining.  Unless of course they really were enjoying it, in which case, maybe what  heard were screams of delight.

sea gulls being blown about   

We are still in Ocean City.  Still enjoying our retreat.   Me possibly the most of all.   Getting away from all of my cares and worries is a too infrequent thing for me.    I came here with aches and pains.  They have all gone away.  Getting away from tension, eating well, laughing much and getting restful sleep have all been so good for me.  I hope that being re-charged like this will hold me together for a long time!

Last night we watched the DVD of Shirley Valentine.  Most, but not all of us had already seen it.  All of us loved it and had a great time watching it again.

Today, we went to Assateague Island.  We had hoped to see the wild horses that live there, but they seemed to  be in hiding.  We did see some deer; white tail and Sitka.     It was so cold and windy that we mostly drove around (looking for horses).  We did stop at the visitor center for a while and a few of us walked to the water's edge.    It must be hunting season because we heard shooting.  I don't know anything about hunting, but it seems like it would be made more difficult by the strong wind.

It was overcast and cold, but I loved the feeling of the brisk wind making my cheeks pink.   (the speck in this picture is a bird in the wind.  not sure what kind).  Oh, there were snow flurries!

At the gift shop, we all bought matching T-shirts, so I am going to have to set up my camera to get a group picture.

We are taking Sue out to dinner this evening.  She is our hostess, and we want to do something nice for her.  
Not much else I can think of right now.  Haven't been watching TV at all aside from the DVDs we have watched, so I don't have a real sense of what's going on in the world.  Not that I could do anything about it anyway!

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