Saturday, December 8, 2012

Too Much to Learn all in one week

This has been a crazy week for me and continuing education.   Tuesday I went to a conference near Baltimore, on breastfeeding sponsored by the Maryland Coalition of Lactation Consultants.  I learned so much there about both technique and tender ways to work with mothers and babies.

Today I went to a conference at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD.  There I learned a lot about mothers and babies in the NICU and some of the harsh realities.  I was amazed at how much the speakers do in their hospitals to make sure sick and premature babies get colostrum and breast milk.  Their dedication and hard work are an inspiration.

I left the Tuesday conference feeling sunny and sweet and thinking of all the ways I can use my newly learned information to help breastfeeding go more smoothly for the dyads I work with.

Today I came out of the conference exhausted and, I am not sure what.  Sad isn't the word.  Just I guess serious.  Most of what I do is help mothers learn to trust themselves and their babies.  Sometimes it is challenging and sometimes I go away wishing that I had one more trick up my sleeve to solve the problem.     But the sick and premature babies are not all about touch feely stuff.  They are about staying well, getting better, not getting worse.  They are often about life and death.  I learned so much both days.  I am happy with what I am doing and glad I don't have the great responsibility the NICU nurses have.

All of the sitting took it's toll on my hip.  When I got home all I wanted to do was sit and knit to unwind.   I couldn't sit on the sofa and find any kind of comfortable position.  I lay on the floor.  Tried stretches.  Pain.

Finally I came upstairs and watched TV in bed, dozing off a bit.   When I went back down, more pain.  I guess I am going to have to find somewhere else to sit.

Tomorrow is our Christmas party!  We expect over 25 people.  I have to make stuffing and cook the turkey.  I may bake a couple of pies.  I am also making a bit, layered salad.  

Nick has worked hard all week getting the tree up and the house decorated inside and out.  It should be a really good time.

Now to bed and rest my aching sciatica!


It is the 32nd anniversary of the day John Lennon died.  I remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard.  So sad and senseless.

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