Friday, December 13, 2019

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas

Such a strange time of year. No, not winter. I like winter!   Christmastime.  Good feelings and sad moments.

We've been decorating the house.  Putting up and decorating trees.  Nick does most of the work.   I helped him and he said it's the first time he's had help in ages.  Of course, when the kids were little and they "helped" it was cute, but so hard to get it done. 

Tomorrow a friend and I are co-hosting a cookie party.  She told me that she's never been to a cookie party so I offered our house if she did the organizing.    An awful lot of people are not coming, so I hope my friend is not disappointed.  I'm sure it will be fine.   I have to bake cookies in the morning.   I planned to bake today, but guess what?  I didn't do it.

A week from tomorrow we are having our annual dinner/ Yankee gift exchange.  We've hosted this dinner for at least ten years.   One year we were snowed out, and two years ago I was in the hospital with complications from brain surgery.

This year I bought just about everything online.   I bought a postal scale so I can just weight and print postage avoiding long lines at the post office.  Cards got mailed today too. 

Sad news: My sister's sweet dog, Daisy, died last week.   I was with my sister when we said goodbye to Daisy. 

Loving can be so painful.  Losing is part of life, but it sucks

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