Monday, December 2, 2019

Is it Christmas Time already?

Today is December 2nd and all sort of folks are posting pictures of their decorated Christmas trees on Facebook!

Thanksgiving was late this year, so I guess the shorter time between the two holidays prompted the rapid transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Makes my head spin!  We still have left over turkey and stuffing in the fridge,   We haven't put our autumn decorations away yet.

December 14th I am co-hosting a cookie part at our house.  So the Christmas decorations need to be up before then.    And Nick and I are hosting our annual  "church" group Christmas party on the 21st (late this year- maybe because of Thanksgiving?)

I am not sure if any of our kids will be here this year for Christmas.  Courtney and Zach will be at home in Portland.   Morgan and Kim will be in Seattle.  Darcy and Jody will be at their home in Hillsboro, Oregon with Jody's kids.  Austin plans to be in Maine.  Not sure what Chance's plans are.

Kind of weird.  You have this flock of kids who fill up the house with noise and mess and fighting.  They drive your crazy, but it's okay mostly.  Then, poof!  They're gone.  They have their own lives.

The last time we had all five kids (and Kim and Jody) together with us for Christmas was two years ago.   I was recovering from brain surgery.  I was bald and had a pic line for the IV antibiotics I was administering every day.  And we were in Reston.

Courtney, Austin and Chance are the only ones who have seen our new house.  We've been in it for a year and a half.   I wonder if Morgan and Darcy will ever see it?  I wonder if there will be a time that all five of them are together with us again?  All of the grandparents are gone, so no more funerals to bring them home.  I hope!

This week we plan to go to Richmond to see  Chance and celebrate his birthday.  He'll be 29!!!

I have much to be thankful for even though Thanksgiving is over!

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