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This is the house my Grandfather was born in.  These are some of my Norwegian family .



Kjørrefjord--the family name

 This would have been my family name if my grandfather had not come to America.  

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Kjørrefjord is a barrier to List between Farsund and Vanse .
Farm No. 13

Country Norway Norway
County Vest-Agder
Municipality Farsund
Status Matrikkelgård
Area 1.37 km²
The state bought a part of Kjørrefjord around 1880 and started Kyrrefjord nursery school, one of the country's first. One purpose of the establishment was to contribute to forest rearing in Lista and surroundings, which at that time was almost deforestation. The nursery was run by the public until 1927, and then privately run until around 1940. Kjørrefjordskogen is currently owned by Upplysningsvesenet's foundation , and the forest is one of the largest producers of decorative greenery at Agder [1] .


The name may come from Kyrrefjord , which means "The quiet fjord". [2]

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  • Kåre Rudjord: Listaboka II - gard and folk , Farsund 1981

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