Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Memories

Thirty three years ago today my almost 3 year old and my 7 month pregnant self arrived at Dulles Airport, from Poland, for a "surprise" visit to the States. (the surprise was that we only gave the family 24 hours notice.) I went back to Poland with a 3 year old Courtney,and 8 week old Morgan.

Courtney at age 3.   This picture was taken in Grandma and Grandpa Sherwood's living room

Morgan age 5 weeks.  Take the same time as the picture of Courtney above

The reason we came back to the States on such short notice was the fear of  political unrest.   I did not want to be in Poland and unable to cross the border into (then) West Berlin for Morgan's birth.   It was better and safer to just get back to Virginia.   Nothing much happened in Poland that would have effected border crossings, but at the time we did not know.  To this day, Nick and I both know that we made the right decision!

Here's how those two look now:  

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