Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Health and stuff

Health is a pain.  Or, maybe what I mean is dealing with health problems is a pain.  I always seem to get the exotic stuff.  I don't know why.  Maybe I am good at being a patient!

A couple of weeks ago I drove myself to the hospital because I was having severe chest pain.

Most of the tests came back very normal.   The only discrepancy  was my large multi- nodular goiter. 

So, all of my blood work came in"normal" or at least not any changes to my medications need to be made.

Today I had a CT scan.   It was quick and pretty painless.

The nodules seem to have a life of  their own.  I fill feel one poking on my neck below the jaw.  It feels like being poked by a finger bushed really hard on you  And mine are shape shifter,

Right now I am am old married lady who needs to get some sleep.

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